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Tuesday 23st, April 11:44:27 Am
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Betting On Games of Thrones Who Will Rule Westeros? We asked this question three weeks ago, but now we are few episodes in and the game is already changing. Oddsmakers have turned this television obsession into big money, and a number of sportsbooks have new markets available. Punters betting on Game of Thrones get to place stakes on wagers like Who will rule Westeros?’, and Who will kill Cersei?’ Bookmakers tend to shy away from setting up noveltyprop bets on shows as they aren’t as lucrative as other major events.

But, since our last article, things have gotten a bit more complicated.

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For those who still haven’t placed a bet on Who will Rule Westeros?’, one market is still open at Skybet.

The odds are Daenerys Targaryen. Who Will Rule The Westeros at the end of the Final TV Episode of GoT? We’re not sure whether Iron Throne will be there or not but we can talk about some theories. Maybe many of you believe the favorite should be Daenerys or Jon Snow, but neither of them is the frontrunner. Bet on Who will Rule Westeros. If you can't see or click links, it means is restricted in your country. We recommend Bethard for these users to bet on Game of Thrones. The final betting odds to rule Westeros at the end of Game of Thrones have been released and there are a whole lot fewer names and some big-time odds movement.

Bran is now paying as it would appear that the results of the finale may have finally leaked. There’s a sect of fans who believe that it will indeed be Sansa + who ultimately claims the Iron Throne. This theory is plausible as it appears that one way they could go with the storyline is to set up a final battle between the remaining strong female leaders Sansa, Daenerys, Yara and Arya.

Sansa has undoubtedly been through the roughest road, all the while maintaining grace and calm. Thanks to Bovada, fans won’t just be able to argue over who should rule Westeros, but they can their wager on who will be the ultimate victor. The oddsmaker has listed which characters stand the best chance to end as the ruler of Westeros when all is said and done. Unsurprisingly, the co-leaders are Daenarys and Jon, each with 2-to-1 odds. Perhaps more surprisingly, the youngest living Stark, Bran, has the third-best odds at to-1, despite taking over the mantle of the Three-Eyed Raven. For example some books say Who will rule Westeros at the end of Season 8?

While others specify Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Also, obvious spoiler warnings from both the A Song of Ice and Fire book series written by George R.R Martin and the show are below but if you’re looking into wagering on the show we’re guessing that you want to be up to date on all the GoT content available.

Ruler of westeros at end of season 8. Analysis This is the big bet, and the number one question most people are asking. I’m not sure if there will be any one ruler on the throne at the end but I don’t think it will be Bran even if there is. Bran Stark is the betting favorite to lord over Westeros when "Game of Thrones" finishes its final season next year. The good people over at Bovada have odds out that allow fans to wager on who they think will end up sitting on the Iron Throne when Season 8 concludes.

This way, you can not only be emotionally invested in the outcome of the final season, but you can also get financially involved. Bran Stark is a heavy favorite at Bovada at +, followed by Jon Snow + and Daenerys Targaryen +.

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The Game of Thrones character who will rule Westeros at the end of the series finale on Sunday didn’t fend off the army of the dead with a sword in Winterfell. Nor did they lead the charge through the gates of King’s Landing during the scorching butchery of the last episode.

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Instead, the ruler will be Bran Stark. Or even Tyrion Lannister or Gendry.

It has been one year since the landmark Supreme Court ruling that allowed states to legalize full-scale sports betting and take a piece of a billion-a-year business that for years had been largely limited to the black market and Nevada. Fan fever over the final season of Game of Thrones has yielded a glimpse of the sort of market that could exist for entertainment betting. Season 7 of Game of Thrones’ is officially in the books but who will rule Westeros when the series comes to an end?

However, with the eighth and final season coming up in, like, two years ugh, we’re still no closer to finding out who will end up on the Iron Throne. While we have a long time to decide who we think will end up ruling Westeros, our friends at the betting site, Bovada have taken the liberty of handicapping the odds for all the major characters.

For those unfamiliar with odds, here’s a quick breakdown. If someone is to win a game, that means you must bet to win That means they are the favorite. Their opponent could be + which means that if you bet, you win beca. See more of Bet Special on Facebook. See more of Bet Special on Facebook.

Game of Thrones fans will be pleased to know that they can now bet on who will rule Westeros at the end of Season 7.

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Who will rule Westoros at the end of the series? The fact of the matter is that Varys has always ruled the seven kingdoms from behind the scenes. And he will always do so come what may.

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I never knew you could bet on Game of Thrones, well I am late to the party I suppose. But come on isn't the series going in an obvious way that dany is going to rule Westeros by end of season 7 at best. Betting sites are offering odds on who will rule Westeros by the end of Game Of Thrones, and there isn’t any surprise as to who’s currently top.

Following the finale of Game Of Thrones season six which saw Daenerys Targaryen sail for Westeros with Tyrion Lannister, Yara Greyjoy, the Tyrells, Martells and her terrifying dragons, speculation is rife over who’ll emerge victorious and sit on the Iron Throne by the show’s conclusion. While Cersei is currently ruler over Westeros after King Tommen’s suicide, she isn’t sitting pretty according to Sportingbet who give her a 401 chance of lasting on t.

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Westeros has always been plagued by incompetent and cruel leaders.

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Compared to Cersei, the other major players have the moral high ground, but it’s not only unclear who will prevail, but who actually deserves to. I’d cast my vote in a heartbeat for Tyrion Lannister, but the public of Westeros simply wouldn't accept a dwarf as their ruler.

Hell, it’s and I still don’t think we’re ready for the first dwarf president. So there’s not only the question of who deserves to rule, but who could actually do the job. There may not be any new episodes Game of Thrones in, but oddsmakers are already predicting either Daenarys Targaryen or Jon Snow will eventually sit on the Iron Throne when the HBO drama ends its run next year. Betting on him would be simply betting for the guy that you want to win, not who you think is going to win.

As someone that has bet on the Giants to win the Super Bowl every year for the last 5 years, I can confirm this is an easy way to lose your money. Sansa Stark + There is no way that George R.R. Martin would allow some fat guy obsessed with books to end up as the king of Westeros, right?

Fuuuuuuuck, Sam is definitely going to end up as the king of Westeros, isn’t he? I suppose he is worth a 10 flier in case GRRM was feeling himself while plotting out the final book that he is never going to finish. On the bright side, at least all those God awful scenes with Gilly would have been worth it.

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Read Collin Wilson's breakdown of the odds for who will rule Westeros at the end of the final season of Game of Thrones by using spoilers and teasers.

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For years I have been scouting the Game of Thrones betting market, from a Bran Stark 501 in to just this past Summer with Gendry 751. As news starts to leak, it may be time to dispose of some names on the leaderboard and look for value in one possible name on the list. Game of Thrones’ Death Pool Odds Predicting the First to Die in Season 8 Read now.

In the teaser video we see fire and ice move across the painted table. It’s important to know your Westeros geography if you’re throwing money down on the show.

The Wolf is the first thing to be covered in ice, signifying. Game Of Thrones fans will be able to "return to Westeros this year" after author George RR Martin announced a prequel to his series of novels. It is set " years before A Game Of Thrones", when "dragons ruled Westeros". On his blog, Martin said he was "thrilled" that a "monumental history of the Targaryen kings of Westeros" would be published on 20 November.

Called Fire And Blood, it is a "hefty book, almost 1, manuscript pages" and "illustrated throughout". He added, playfully, that he had "seen the archmaesterap.

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Who will ultimately win the Game of Thrones? Since Jon Snow is the product of both the House of Stark and the House of Targaryen, I'll bet on the odds. Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. Latest odds on who will rule Westeros. Odds from Sky Bet as of April 12 Bran Stark - 54.

Any child of Daenerys Targaryen - 31. Guest, The rules for the P N subforum have been updated to prohibit "ad hominem" or personal attacks against other posters. See the full details in the post "Politics and News Rules Guidelines." all bets in, who will rule Westeros in the end and win the Game of Thrones. Start date Aug 2, Westeros decides that having people go to war over who sits on a chair is a dumb system and becomes a democracy.

Sandor runs for President with the slogan "A chicken in every pot" and winds by a landslide. How many viewers will watch the season 8 premiere? Over million Under million + Who will kill Cersei Lannister. Will another one of Daenerys’ dragons die? Yes + No Who will be killed or destroyed first? Sandor The Hound Clegane + Gregor The Mountain Clegane Will Sansa Stark die. Bet is an international online betting website which provides online sports betting services.

However, sports betting is just one part of the whole supply, the company provides other live gaming alternatives including casino, poker, and other online games as well.

Since is constantly improving its service, it can be called the top online betting site. The website is well-known amongst the sports betting enthusiasts for a long time because is offering engaging promotions in different markets and competitive sports betting odds. Players can place a bet online on the most popular sp.

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In my head, the Night King will be the one who walks away with it all. I can just see him, walking slowly towards the iron throne. He turns around, sits down carefully, almost as if taking care not to break a bone. His accomplices join him, two on each side, and he has all three undead dragons chilling outside of a now very cold Westeros.

The world is in an ice age and right before the credits fill the screen, the camera zooms into the Night King’s face. The camera stops right on his face and I imagine him trying to form a smile. May XlSpade May More featured posts.

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What would you love to see footage of. This bet answers a simple, but hotly contested, question for fantasy fans Who will rule Westeros at the end of Season 8? Oddsmaker Bovada gave out the odds - some of which are surprising for even being considered, and some which are surprising for where on the list they rank - which are as follows We can’t believe Gilly is even in the running.

Bovada also included this bit of fine print, saying that the winner will be the confirmed 'King' or 'Queen' of the Andals and the First Men. If there is no King or Queen, whomever rules or controls King's Landing will be deemed the winner. So that seems to give quite an advantage to those already in the south, just in case unification is truly impossible for the series.

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The biggest betting community in the world. 65 - Bran Stark 31 - Any child of DaenerysJon Snow 72 - Sansa Stark 51 - Jon Snow 61 - Petyr Baelish 71 - Gendry 101 - Daenerys 101 - Night King 101 - Tyrion Lannister 141 - Arya Stark 161 - BAR einnovativejunction.com Game of Thrones. This is one the biggest in the series in the end who will it be.

Does Stannis deserve it the most because he was brother to Robert? Maybe Daenerys because she is the descendent of the last dynasty, Maybe Game of Thrones point is that none of them deserve it and Westeros will change into some thing different without a monarchy. For good or bad what do you think will happen if there is an Iron throne to be sat on at all.

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But who would've been best ruler? Who was politically savvy enough to make allies and survive their enemies, but empathetic enough to benefit the realm? We ranked Westeros' top candidates, both dead and alive. Visit INSIDER's homepage for more stories.

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Throughout HBO's eight seasons of "Game of Thrones," a variety of characters aspired to rule the seven kingdoms.

Other potential candidates from the most powerful houses in Westeros Stark, Targaryen, Baratheon, Tyrell, Tully, Martell, Arryn, Greyjoy, and Lannister never expressed an interest in the role, but pro. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. I want to bet based on the new clip that came out, that Ghost is going to maul Olly's face off, oh and Davos is going to the man this season.

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Anyone who's kept up with GoT has already played this out in their heads. It's an off-screen mental game, figuring out who has the best chance of climbing over every other schemer and killer to obtain the ultimate prize. Bovada's list might make sense at first, but as you read on toward the bottom, it does get a little silly. The oddsmakers did establish some rules, the most important probably being "whomever rules or controls King's Landing will be deemed the winner." We have no idea how this will play out, neither does anyone else.

The top 10 or so in this list certainly have solid chances, but Thrones isn't that predictable.

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Maybe one of the ice dragons gets it, who knows. Prize k won to the 4 first users who guess the right character. The prize can change if someone donates. - You cant edit your post - You can only choose one character in your bet. The last day to bet will be in May 11, KTS.

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In the current circumstances, who do you think will rule The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros by the end of the series. Personally, Im convinced Jon Snow will somehow make it. Ill add up the votes at the end and put up the percentages.

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But we still have one more week of Game of Thrones betting chances to think about and the wager we have been keeping an eye on for is eventually going to be determined Who will sit on the Iron Throne as soon as the show’s final scene cuts? With one episode left, it’s time to take a final look at the’Who Can Rule Westeros?’ Gambling marketplace.

With the Night King and Cersei defeated as well as the Great War endedthe market for who’ll rule Westeros at show’s end is down to some key characters. 6 GoT Characters Value Considering to Sit on the Iron Throne Tyrio.

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This set-up mirrors the multiple sets of incentives on politicians and institutions in real-world statecraft, and makes it devilishly difficult to model the whole system.

The situation in Westeros remains fluid as long as some of the players are not rational the master of statecraft Tywin is one thing, but playing against Cersei? The payoffs are uncertain too it’s not necessarily the case that someone winning the Iron Throne without dragons would be able to hold it at all now. And there are some potential players who haven’t yet revealed their hands.

We have some idea about Littlefinger, but what is Varys’ game? Westerosi politicians have to cope with something a bit more complex than a prisoner’s dilemma.

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Here's who is expected to rule Westeros on 'Game of Thrones,' according to these brand-new odds. With the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones less than two months away, it seems everyone is wagering to guess who will end up ruling Westeros. But there are some that are wagering money on who will end up ruling Westeros. Vegas has released odds on who will end up seated on the Iron Throneor metaphorical Iron Throne if it ends up being devoured by wildfire or dragonfireand the odds on the favorite may surprise you.

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But seriously, I'm betting it will be Jon or Danerys. Or both at the same time, somehow. Oct 25, 1, Apr 3, What I would like is for the Night King to win, kill everybody, and take the throne as undead ruler of Westeros.

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Winter is coming, and so is Westeros' future ruler. Well, now you can take your predictions and actually bet on who will rule Westeros on the website Sky Bet. And the current odds are in Daenerys Targaryan’s favor, with her odds of ruling 74. einnovativejunction.com Meanwhile, the Starks are in close second and third, with odds of 81 and 101 respectively.

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Explore Goxxed's goxxed posts on Pholder See more posts from ugoxxed like Betting odds on who will rule Westeros.

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Is your ruling style more suited for Winterfell or Highgarden? Who or what will be beside your throne? What's your favorite Westeros fashion trend.

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With the end of Game of Thrones, I feel that we never got a satisfying ending regarding who should govern Westeros or how it should be governed.

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This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble with. Lord of the Rings had a very medieval philosophy that if the king was a good man, the land would prosper.

At the start of Season Eight, Westeros will be suffering from competing claims with some claims still to come on the horizon and various local leadership issues. Almost all of the Seven Kingdoms either have an authority vacuum or a dispute over who is the regional power broker.

The invasion of wights and ice wizards will probably not improve the situation, depending on how deep south they can get.

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The people who suffer under despots and prosper under just rule. The people whose hearts you aim to win. If you demand blind allegiance, I respect your wishes. TYRION Cersei will try to rally the lords of Westeros by appealing to their loyalty, their love for their country.

If we besiege the city with foreigners, we prove her point.

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Your mother was probably some poor maiden who wasn't 'lucky' enough to become a someone's salt wife. Let's hope you'll bring an honor to your name and get some pretty nickname! You're Jeyne Storm of Stormlands.

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If Varys had been buried instead of roasted, I bet he would be spinning in his grave! Here's why civil war could be nigh. Dany Probably Lost Some Key Allies. The Northerners were the only members of her army who actually hail from Westeros, which made her seem like somewhat less of a foreign invader. Without the Northerners, Dany is a Dragon Queen who invaded from Essos with Dothraki and Unsullied.

Coming across as a foreign invader who just destroyed the capital and murdered a whole lot of people won't help Dany win the hearts of the people. She'll have to keep ruling through fear. Dany could well have lost more than the North.

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In a Hunger Games featuring Westeros' finest, who would be the eventual champion? Comments Showing of 25 25 new post a comment. einnovativejunction.com Cleganes are also obvious candidates for being 'Careers'.I bet they would both rush towards the lake and get involved in a fist fight with each einnovativejunction.com Hound would kill the einnovativejunction.com the effort would leave him heavily injured and make him easy pickings. The Tyrell brothers will form a team.

Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg.

Pornography, pro-Nazi, child abuse, etc.

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Battles of Westeros Gameplay Overview Battles of Westeros is a two-player strategy game where players rally the forces of House Stark and House Lannister from the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. Martin and engage in highly tactical battles. An engaged unit that gets attack by another unit is considered flanked, and the flanking attacker will have the chance to re-roll some of his attack dice. Momentum Token The battle plans for a scenario will state which House owns the Momentum Token.

The Momentum Token decides who goes first in the first round. It is also the tie-breaker when deciding who goes first in consecutive rounds, and sometimes the tie-breaker for the outcome of an entire scenario if no player has managed to win by any other means.

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Yet anyone who wants to rule will have to unseat Cersei, the current crowned ruler of the realm, and the sellsword army at her back. Fans have also speculated about major characters like Arya, Tyrion, Sam, and Jaime. There are more obscure candidates, too, including Davos, Brienne, Varys, and Bronn. The question of who will win the game of thrones is about much more than who will sit on Aegon the Conqueror’s metal chair at the end of the story.

It’s about what kind of system of government will emerge at the end of the series what Westeros will look like after the great remaining battles end. Westeros can’t just jump from feudalism to an electoral college in one leapthey need something like the Magna Carta first, followed by generations of shifting attitudes.

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The main betting currently with Sky Bet is the Who Will Rule Westeros’ market. This is essentially who will be King or Queen of the fictional land by the time the last episode of the series finishes. The current favourite is Bran Stark who is odds on at 813 with Sky Bet and best priced at 1110 with William Hill.

Following him is his older brothercousin if you watch the show you will understand Jon Snow who is 112 with Sky Bet to sit on the throne. Any child of Snow is in third place at 81, the Nights King is 91 whilst Danaerys Targaryen is priced at 101 with Sky Bet, significantly hi.

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It’s a matter of weeks until we return to the wintery world of Westeros, but now, sleuths think they’ve uncovered who will be ruling when the credits roll. Hint, it isn’t who you think it would be. Data visualization team Visme has collated the wide world of Westerosi betting odds to decipher who will be in charge of whatever is left of the Seven Kingdoms.

While Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are popular choices securing and of the vote respectively, it’s Bran Stark who comes out on top.

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Photo Helen SloanCourtesy of HBO. In A Song of Ice and Fire, Tommen Baratheon is 8 years old. Possibly due to the time-warped years and seasons in Westeros, he’s now about 12, estimates Dean-Charles Chapman, the year-old who portrays the young king. Tommen’s so young, I try to do a higher-pitched voice, the actor said when we caught up with him at the show’s international press day in Belfast. It’s kind of hard to get in the mind of a year-old, because I can’t even remember being And Tommen is so young, he’s like a baby.

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Balon thought my rule was weak. He was wrong but other lords may think the same. Those bastards may even think that Balon has soften me up for them. A tour will show them I, we, are as strong as the day I crushed Rhaegar's heart with my hammer. Let our soldiers come with us and spread the word of how easily we put down the Greyjoys.

Ned prayers his coin will keep the innkeeper's mouth shut about who is rooming there. Traveling back to the safety of the Marches will have to wait at least a day.

Their horses need to rest and Tyrion needs time to recover. Once fed, Ned stares out into the dark sky and knows that he is not that far from the Tower of Joy. That there are good, Northern bones, wasting in the deserts sands. He saddles up his tired horse and attaches a cart with five boxes.