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Best bets for gambling on rolette milwaukee bucks bet championship

Friday 16st, December 4:8:39 Am
Basic Roulette Strategy - Gambling Tips


Other gamblers might want to find the bets which offer the lowest house edge. On most roulette games, the house edge is the same for every bet but one.

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Choosing which game to play becomes the road to a lower house edge for those players. This page examines the various bets in roulette and compares them with various players’ goals so that you can choose which bets will bring you the most thrills, excitement, and fun. The Best Bets if You Want to Spend a Lot of Time Gambling. Variance is the term used by gamblers and mathematicians to describe the swings in your bankroll that are caused by stati. The best roulette sites are subjective to each player’s preferences, and usually depend on one or more of the following factors A site that offers a big bonus.

The ability to play with live dealers. Different bets on a roulette wheel come with different chances of winning. Obviously, the long shots will come in far less often, but you stand to win a lot of money when they do. Picking a single number will see you get 35 times your bet back, but you have to be pretty lucky to guess right. They have been betting their own money on roulette, poker and sports since the late s.

That means they are perfectly placed to rate and review the best sites in the US, Europe, and beyond. Players across the globe can rest assured that the online gambling casinos featured on our site have rated extremely high for safety, security, quality of software, range of games and markets offered, and quality of the welcome bonus. Whether you're into poker cash games, slots tournaments, or football betting, we have a top selection of gambling sites on the net.

Dip into your virtual wallet and di. Important note Roulette is a gambling game and, as such, it depends on luck. Also, the house advantage varies depending on the Roulette variant you play but it is never equal to zero. Regardless of the strategies you follow, you can't win at Roulette every time you play. All you can do is to avoid placing wrong bets and focus always on those that offer you the best odds to win.

Also, if at any time you feel things are getting a little out of control, please make sure you take this quick test on gambling addiction. A little help goes a long way trust me. These are by far the best bets in a game of Roulette and the only ones a beginner should focus on.

The outside bets pay but give you almost 50 percent chances to win every bet you place. There are outside bets RedBlack, EvenOdd, Columns and inside Numbers. For a successful game at roulette, it is important to consider not only the bet amounts but also the types of bets, the winning odds.

Best Online Casinos in Russia. Single Number Straight Up Bet. To bet on Single Number, place chips on that number. To bet on Split, place your chips on the border of the two numbers. To bet on Street, place your chips on the edge border of the line. To bet on Corner, place your chips on the cross-line border of the four chosen numbers.

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One of the critical factors that make roulette, so fun is just the amount of bets with different pay ratios and probability.

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As more experienced players know, in principle, roulette bets can be divided into two main groups Inside and Outside Bets. Gambling Best gambling strategies.

By cuterthing, October 18, in GamblingHYIP'sFreeCoins. The best strategy for gambling Martingale system. I like this betting strategy, because It’s easy, anyone can understand it and his system will theoretically provide a profit every time. The Martingale calls on you to double bets after every loss. The goal is to always win back your losses and earn a small profit in the process.

Martingale good only when u have endless funds. Best gambling strategy - no strategy. Also if we are speaking about cryptocasinos with double roulette sometimes i play for 6+1 strat. Waiting for 6 red ins a row and bet on opposite color.

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There are many "Gambling Strategies" out there, but imo the best one to date is the Martingale strategy. It is not going to remove the house edge and there are still risks, gambling is not something to be taken lightly even if you are the best roulette or blackjack player out there. This is the bet double system that is known as the Martingale system. It is mostly discussed in relation with European Roulette, but it works well for Blackjack, Baccarat or even sports betting.

"When playing a casino game which offers a bet that allows you to win twice the amount you stake, you will place the lowest chip available for winnings equal to double the chip's value bet 1 dollars to win 2 dollars.". Learn to play roulette online.

The best online casinos, live dealer games, betting odds, game variations, how-to sections and much more.

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Whether you are looking for the best roulette games online, the best tutorials for beginners through to advanced players or the best guides and information for players in your geo you have come to the right place. This isn't one of my favourite bookies roulette games, far from it.

As I hadn't played it in a while, I decided to give it a play. The pot value was reasonable and it spins the same way as Super Gambler Roulette, which I do like.

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Guide for the best roulette systems. Description of roulette tactics.

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How to place bets while gambling in roulette using roulette strategy. The author promises winnings if the gambler will use his roulette betting system during such intervals of time and observe two more rules Not to play if the player cannot freely dispose with his time within the target day or cannot afford betting times his initial bet.

Not to play with someone else's money or with borrowed money. The last two items have no direct relevance to the Thomas Donald Roulette strategy and are more simply moral guidelines. However, we should note that these rules have a certain universal character. Roulette Odds Best Bet on the Table.

Look for a European single-zero wheel that offers the rule 'en prison.' If you make an even money bet and the ball lands on zero, the croupier doesn't rake in your wager. Instead, your bet is 'imprisoned' or held hostage, and you are forced to keep it on the table until the next spin. If your bet wins, you can remove it from the table. This bet cuts the house edge on even money bets in half, down to just.

Roulette System 5 Biggest Gambling Mistakes You Should Avoid In this article I'd like to share with you the 5 biggestgambling mistakes of most average gamblers. Las Vegas thrives on people making these mistakesand makes more money this way. Welcome To Best Online Roulette Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Roulette Casino Sites. Roulette is a true classic it’s an iconic casino game and is hugely popular across the globe, especially online.

Every single online gambling site offers tons of roulette games and many variants. This is the reason why we decided to set up this website to be an all-round guide for online roulette. We recommend the best casinos to play online roulette, we offer insights and tips on different roulette games that we've ammassed over the years. Honestly, roulette is one of only a few games where there are genuine working’ betting strategies that you can put into action.

We have all worked in the gambling industry, as well as being extensive gamblers.

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Roulette bets are divided into two main types inside or outside. While each offers different odds and payouts, both are subject to the same house edge. American roulette tables have a edge and European tables offer a edge.

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Even-money bets placed at European tables with French rules are only subject to a house edge. These are the bet spaces located inside the table. Inside bets are best for Canadian players that enjoy a high risk, high reward gaming experience with infrequent, big-money wins.

Outside bets are low risk, low reward and work best for players that enjoy more frequent, small wins. Learning the basics of betting is just the beginning of your roulette journey. Check out some of our related topics at einnovativejunction.com. Online gambling or Internet gambling is any kind of gambling conducted on the internet.

This includes virtual poker, casinos and sports betting. The first online gambling venue opened to the general public, was ticketing for the Liechtenstein International Lottery in October Today the market is worth around 40 billion globally each year, according to various estimates. Gambling games guarantee the best entertainment you can possible get.

Find the best Canadian gambling sites and get the biggest bonuses! Sports betting on big sporting events is a long-time favorite of real money gamblers. And yeah, bettors don’t mind gambling on small events either. A little flutter on Manitoba Moose Toronto Marlies game makes a random AHL game much more interesting.

Winning in sports betting isn’t a walk in the park in the long run but it can be done. GamblingPedia Best Online Casinos. Outside Bets The game of roulette allows outside bets to be made in any boxes surrounding the individual numbers. These bets are as follows RedBlack and OddEven These are all known as even money bets. In roulette you have numerous betting options, the different bets are indicated by the placement of the chips on the table.

They are usually grouped into two major categories Inside bets made on numbers directly inside the layout. Outside bets are made on the betting area on the roulette table bordering the number layout. Different tables have slightly different layouts for outside betting, you just find the location for the bet you want to make and place your chip there.

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Your Online Gambling Guide for - Discover the best real money gambling here. Find legal sites, the best games, huge jackpots + top bonuses! Our comprehensive lists of recommended online gambling sites also have a wide selection of games and variations, as well as a range of betting limits so players can compete for a few dollars or go for the high stakes.

Choose one of our top reviewed online gambling sites now, and you can be up and playing in a few minutes. The signup process is simple on all of the online casinos we have selected, and you can soon enjoy great gaming whenever you want! Real money casinos online have thousands of dollars in free cash available and we show you how to unlock it in our "Learn more a. Best roulette bets, odds and table layouts.

Roulette table types First let’s get an idea of the roulette table variations. The differences between the different types of tables are not huge, so I will avoid confusing you with details. European roulette table The European roulette table has only one zero 0 and offers better payouts than the American roulette, which has two [ ] Reduced risk roulette. Roulette is one casino game that is widely considered to be a matter of pure luck and blind risk, rather than one of skill and strategy, but beginning to play while holding this belief is a sure f. If you've ever visited a casino in Las Vegas, Detroit, Atlantic City, or anywhere else, chances are you've spent a little time gazing at the roulette wheel.

Even if you don't know how to play roulette, it's fun to watch the mesmerizing wheel slow down as eager bettors await their fate. Whether you're partial to playing offline or prefer online gambling, roulette isn't a mystery to play. Thanks to the popularity of roulette online gambling, how to play is a question you'll be able to answer after reading our guide.

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List of the best CSGO gambling sites for Try the sites out for free by using our affiliate codes. Play roulette, crash, and more! Rather than betting on certain numbers or ranges all you can usually bet on is colors.

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The most common variant is having red, black, and green with red and black paying and green usually paying differ from site to site. Most places will allow you to bet on more than one color but some limit you to just one. Some other variants include or which have 4 colors and different multipliers. Choose best online roulette to win.

When playing roulette online for real money, always choose European over the American game. The latter has two green pockets, zero and double zero, which consequently decreases the RTP from 97,30 to. A winning Straight bet pays in both cases, even though the odds in American roulette are lower 1 in 38 than in European 1 in 37. There’s a similar difference between the two with all other betting options. Players that favor even money bets such as RedBlack or OddEven should go for the French variant whenever it’s available.

In French Roulette, one loses only half of these wagers when the ball lands on zero rather than the entire amount. Online casinos offer other game variants you may want to try. The best online gambling source. Roulette is a simple and fun game to play, which is why it’s so popular.

As with any game, it is important to understand the types of bets, the odds and the payouts for wins. These are listed on this page. There are two types of table layouts the European single zero, and the American As far as the table is concerned, the only difference is the American version has an additional pocket, which is of course The additional pocket does not affect the payouts, but it does affect the odds of winning. Straight bet a bet on an individual number.

This bet type may have the worst odds, but it has the highest payout. Split bet this type of bet covers two numbers. The UK's best betting sites walk you through every stage of the process. Whether you want to try your luck on casino games such as bingo and poker, or sports betting sites that offer football, horse racing and more, you'll be guided with ease. You can wager on anything from horse races and football games to tournaments.

Recommended sites offer live betting options during the games. Win big with accumulator bets on multiple races or events. Betting online is safe, provided you choose a reputable gambling site. All of our recommended poker rooms, casinos and sportsbooks are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Drinking and gambling simply don't mix well, especially if you're drinking heavily.

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Even in a game like roulette that doesn't use much strategy, playing drunk can lead to you betting way more than you're comfortable with which is something you're likely to regret later on. Play it safe and save your real money online gambling for when you're sober. If you want to play a lot of roulette without having to deposit again and again, you'll need to practice proper money management techniques.

It's important to make small enough bet. Most roulette bets can be divided into two broad categories these are inside bets and outside bets. When making these bets during a game you’ll need to meet the table minimum on each outside bet you make, and the combined total of all of your inside bets must also meet the table minimum.

You may make inside bets, outside bets, or a combination of both, as long as the bets you choose to make meet the minimum betting rules. Inside Bets on the Roulette Wheel Explained.

The video above specifically deals with inside bets. Split Bets This bet is made on any two numbers that are adjacent on the roulette board, and can be made by placing chips on the line between those two numbers. If either number is the winner on the next spin, this bet pays.

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Roulette, Crash, Hilo - Best Game modes of - CSGO Gambling - Get FREE Rewards, Loyalty Rewards Affiliate Chests. Our exclusive features provide our users with the best experience of all online gambling siteswe are continuously improving and implementing the most innovative features, which is just one of the many reasons why we are unparalleled. If you’re looking for an online casino that’ll leave you with limitless opportunities, then you’ve hit the jackpot!

What makes our top games Crash and Roulette better than the rest? As you probably know by now, we are always looking to cater to our community with most in-demand games in the industry. The list starts with the best roulette bets you can make.

These are the easiest to understand and make, and the least expensive.

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Then, as you make your way down the list, things get a bit harder and more expensive. These are bets made on the perimeter of the roulette table. They are made on groups of numbers or colors instead on a specific number. In some cases, calling out your bets may also mean you’re gambling on credit. This is illegal in some parts of the world. Here are the different call bets you can make.

The translation is neighbors of zero. This bet covers the numbers closest to the 0 on a single-0 roulette wheel the seventeen numbers that lie between and include 22 and.

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Bet is one of the biggest names in the online gambling world, so it’s no surprise to see them make our shortlist. One of the most stable apps we tried, we felt that our financial information and personal data were in secure hands. We found a solid platform with a superb support service attached to help with any questions or queries that may crop up.

Unibet casino makes our best betting apps list as they reach out to many countries across the world especially Europe. They have produced a good mobile platform with a good choice and offer excellent social features. For example, on the Roulette app users can bet anything from p all the way up to a spin. Find out more about the apps available from our full mfortune casino app review.

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The Best Free Online Roulette Games - Play Here! Have you heard about the guy who stepped into a Las Vegas casino with empty pockets, sat down and played roulette for free? We haven't heard the story either, because playing free roulette at live casinos doesn't happen. That's a completely different story, and you can play free online roulette at loads of places - including right here! Playing for free lets you see what play works best for you before you start betting the big bucks.

To get access to gambling sites' free online roulette tables, just find an internet casino that you like and download the software. Just make sure you really can play without using cash at the site you’ve picked.

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The best Roulette betting systems worth trying. Have you ever stood by a Roulette table at a casino and watched players stack chips on the same bet with complete calmness, even after losing several bets in a row and watching their bankroll dwindle from mountains of chips into almost nothing?

Most Roulette players would sweat profusely at an endless string of losses. Just remember that gambling is a form of entertainment like anything else. If you are playing responsibly and having fun, then you shouldn't consider it a waste of money! Do I have to bet a certain amount of money.

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Check our list of the best Bitcoin roulette sites for Choose your casino to play American, European or French roulette. These casinos feature one of the biggest selection of roulette games like American, European, French roulette and other variants. Check also the different rule sets about different roulette variants. Some French roulette tables have a special race track betting options which gives more betting options. Below you can see an example of a roulette game with the race track. It is anyhow called European roulette, even thought the race track is usually French origin.

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Here at Gambling Deals we review the best gambling sites on the market. From new slot sites to the casinos dishing out the best casino offers. Our mission is to bring you all of the best casino offers, and betting deals every time you join new gambling sites.

We think the secret to bringing the best gambling sites to market, is to focus on the details. As well as all the features that make up a fantastic sports betting sites. For example, payment and withdrawal options and speeds, languages, currencies and support availability. So if you are looking for an amazing sports betting deal then get over to our reviews section and find your best gambling sites.

Within a few clicks you can get signed up and playing in no time at all. New Bingo Sites And Bingo Offers.

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Best Online Roulette Sites - Best Casinos To Play Online Roulette. Explore the latest new roulette sites to launch. If you want to find casinos which are safe and legit and offer the best online roulette experience, then check out some of our recommendations for casinos and roulette bonuses. More more people are playing online roulette and live roulette games thanks to improvements in technology and selection of games.

Gambling websites are offering increasingly attractive odds to customers who want to bet on U. Politics and think President Donald Trump won’t last through his first term. Gambling sites are offering odds that Trump will be impeached. Trump is just two weeks into his presidency but already gamblers are rushing to bet on his impeachment.

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So the best roulette bet is betting on areas of the wheel. In fact it’s the only way to change the odds of winning at the table. So while the best roulette bet is wheel sectors, the system must be advanced enough to deal with ever-changing physical variables that determine the winning number. One example is air pressure, because air pressure can change the deceleration rate of the ball. To play roulette professionally, see einnovativejunction.com for the best winning system, and einnovativejunction.com for hidden devices that predict spins.

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We have the best games from the best providers to bring you the ultimate online roulette experience right on your screen. With over 20 titles exploring all the variations of online roulette out there, you will get as close to the real experience without actually stepping foot inside an actual casino. Corner, street and six line bets offer shorter odds and give gamblers the most options.

The safest bets to make are the famous evenodd and redblack bets with 1 to 1 payouts. We can’t be beaten on our online roulette range, with quality and choice going unrivalled in the world of online casinos.

There are over 20 roulette games to choose from, so you will soon find your perfect game which suits your playing style, skill level and stake limits.

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Download Gambling roulette stock photos at the best stock photography agency with millions of premium high quality, royalty-free stock photos, images and pictures at reasonable prices.

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We offer the excellent gambling experience with our online casino games and numerous video slots available to play for free with no deposit with many more achievements. B-Bets not only offers the latest real money casino games including the best video pokers, online slots and scratch cards with crazy jackpots from Net Entertainment, MicroGaming, Isoftbet, Quickspin and so forth.

B-Bets also offers an one-of-a-kind, unique and unmatched auctions system allowing its members to place bids and win their own preferred rewards and bonuses. Free spins, extra BidBets, no deposit bonuses, generous welcome and registration packages and other select weekly promotions are just the tip of the iceberg. B-Bets as well has a Sporstbook provided by Altenar.

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Well playing online roulette has multiple important benefits over playing roulette in a ’real’’ land based casino. Below I will explain why many new and experienced players will prefer to play roulette online instead of a land based casino. You don’t have to spend money and time travelling to the casino. While playing roulette you will enjoy more game types. Most casinos for example offer automatic roulette games, double ball variants, European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, Speed Roulette and more.

On top of that online casinos offer more betting options and special payouts. Because of this there are more ways to win online! One of my favourite live betting games is roulette. Although I know how to play this game online a lot of people don’t.

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Welcome to Luckygames, the Best LUCKY Dice Gambling Site. The main goal is to bring you the greatest gambling experience ever with all the high-end features.

You are able to play with cryptocurrencies and, if you need, exchange them to another cryptocurrency with just a few clicks. Provably Fair system makes your game manipulation free. Low House Edge 1 provides a reasonable opportunity to win. We are always open for your feedbacks and suggestions that may help to improve ourselves and our favourite website. Bet on where you think the ball will land by placing chips on the Roulette table and spin the roulette.

Once the ball finds its way into the pocket with that particular number, the respective players get paid.

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Through third-party gambling sites skins can be used to bet on the outcome of professional tournament matches, or used as a currency to gamble playing more traditional casino games like roulette, coinflip and jackpot.

Skin gambling is a well known phenomenon in the gaming industry, and it exists in a lot of video games. The last few years so called Case Opening Sites have become extremely popular. Let's do some digging into exactly how we compile our rankings for skin gambling sites.

We don't want to bore you with ALL the fine details, but we don't ex.

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Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value referred to as "the stakes" on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. Arbitrage betting is a theoretically risk-free betting system in which every outcome of an event is bet upon so that a known profit will be made by the bettor upon completion of the event, regardless of the outcome.

Gamblers will prefer gambles with worse odds that are drawn from a large sample e.g., drawing one red ball from an urn containing 89 red balls and 11 blue balls to better odds that are drawn from a small sample drawing one red ball from an urn containing 9 red balls and one blue ball.[47]. Gambler's fallacypositive recency bias.

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Check out our gambling roulette selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function.

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Old Havana is an online casino that offers its members the best and most popular of all RTG online casino games. As far as variety goes, we have one of the most diverse selections of online gambling games in the market. Casino games include such favorites as blackjack and poker, with many varieties of each. You can also play Craps, Roulette, Bingo, and Keno when it comes to table games. If you’re someone that enjoys playing video poker rather than a table version of the game, you’ll be pleased to find we have nearly twenty version of the game.

It is online slot games where we shine.

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Pick the Best Online Roulette Guide with Roulette Geeks. Learn from experts about the best roulette strategies! Roulette is the casino game all serious gamblers want to master. We’ll tell you why you should never play American Roulette, give you intricate strategies for European Roulette, tell you where to play and describe tactics professional players employ to get an edge over the house.

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Mobile Roulette Your Online Gambling Roulette Guide On Phones. This means in regards to rules, betting options, and winning chances, there is no difference at all.

The interface of online roulette Android iOS looks a little different of course, due to the limitations of small screens, but that’s it If you already know how to play this game, you don’t need to learn the rules of mobile video roulette from scratch. Playing roulette games on mobile makes a lot of sense too, because There are lots of best gambling apps to play mobile roulette but they are not mandatory to use.

In other words, you don’t have to look for the best roulette app Android iOS If you want, you can play this game just with your browser and without downloading a thing.

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Offering the best roulette bonuses, premium roulette news, free try-out games, roulette strategies more! Roulette is a thrilling casino game which can be highly rewarding when placing the right bets. We’ve put together a list of the best roulette casinos for every enthusiast who wants to play roulette online. Roulettealso offers information for the newbie player that wants to gain as much insight as they can into how to play the game and the etiquette involved.

As a new player you should probably play our free roulette game for few days and practise your skills before betting any real dollar in the casinos. You can click the above screenshots to enter the online roulette game.

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Fev s Csgo gambling,roulette,betting sites are all scam! Yeah like first i didn't lose anything so i come with mad bs here im just telling you don't put your skins on any site if u want more skins pay, they are all have professional web designer so they are programmed to you go lose at the end everything for every PC IP there is other roll's and results.

Trust me Valve should close every single of them.