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Friday 4st, July 11:55:55 Pm
Alexander Ovechkin lifts Stanley Cup after Capitals victory


Alex Ovechkin finally got to raise the Stanley Cup after NHL commissioner Gary Bettman presented him with and his Capitals teammates with the trophy. Anxious for the Cup to arrive, Ovechkin fidgets in his seat. The year-old gets out of the van and paces a bit before the blue Ford van with the Cup and Hockey Hall of Fame Cup keeper Mario Della-Sabia finally arrives. "It was busy coming down here because of the soccer," Della-Sabia said later.

"Everything went very, very smoothly through customs and we're here now." Della-Sabia takes the crate carrying the Cup out of the van and opens it.

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He steps onto the practice rink and skates a lap with the Cup held over his head. Then he'll pose for some pictures on the ice, including one holding up the Cup with Mikhail.

Then it's off to the coach's locker room to fulfill a promise he made last summer to Vladimir Vorobiev, his former Dynamo teammate and now Dynamo's coach. The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup almost two days ago and Alexander Ovechkin still hasn't put the Cup down.

It seems like in every picture and video we've seen of him since he was given the Cup, he's holding it above his head with such joy. On Saturday afternoon, however, Ovi was forced to put down the Cup as he threw out the first pitch at the Nationals game, but later on in the game, someone spotted him holding it over his head once again.

Alex Ovechkin is just holding the Stanley Cup up in the middle of the inning. They won’t put him on the Jumbotron because the bal. But last week, Brooks managed to find a way to go even more next level with his fandom and got an ultra-realistic tattoo of Alex Ovechkin holding up the Stanley Cup on his leg. The Rockville, Maryland transplant gave us the full story behind the tattoo. After the Capitals won the Stanley Cup, I wanted to do something to commemorate the team’s championship which would last forever.

I currently live in Boise, Idaho where there are almost plus tattoo shops in the valley so I took my time searching for an artist, developing an idea, and figuring out w. So Ovechkin skated with the Cup first, and he lifted it above his head, and he kissed it. Then he handed it to Backstrom.

Try watching that without reaching for the tissues. More important, he was surrounded by the guys who helped him hold it guys he realized were every bit as important as he was to making this moment finally, mercifully take place. Read more Stanley Cup finals coverage.

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Ovechkin, the cup, and a handful of teammates hit Cafe MIlano in Georgetown for dinner. While some of his more mature teammates were eating, year-old Caps forward Andr Burakovsky commemorated the championship in permanent ink. As the evening wore on, Cafe Milano could no longer hold the Caps.

So they took to the restaurant's roof and hoisted the cup high into the night sky. As the night turned into early morning, some of the Caps hit the club. But Ovechkin, the team grandpa at 32 years old, returned home for some shut eye.

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But he didn't loosen his grip on the cup. Alexander Ovechkin looked like a cruise director, or like one of those hype men you hire to loosen up the crowd at a bar mitzvah.

He clapped and he chanted he corralled guests of honor to pose together for a big, goofy group photo he generally appeared to have usurped complete authority over all celebration operations. Ovechkin, 32, had just won his first Stanley Cup, with his Washington Capitals defeating the Vegas Golden Knights in five games in the final. Before he disappeared into the tunnel, Ovechkin held up the Stanley Cup once more and kissed it.

He yelled, with the joyful and ragged face of a man who had finally, after all these years, made his own damn luck.

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Fallon has Ovechkin hold his smile for a bit as the cameras zoom in on the holes where some of his teeth used to be. You work so hard to get this moment and when you reach this moment you just feel like you can’t believe it, Ovechkin says.

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It’s just amazing how happy everybody is right now.

They all walk over to the cup as the crowd cheers. Fallon surprises the audience by bringing out Mike Smith, the jockey who won the Triple Crown at Belmont Stakes on Justify this weekend. They drink out of straws for a moment before Fallon gives up, and Ovechkin and Holtby lift him up by his legs so he can drink from the trophy. Alex Ovechkin is just holding the Stanley Cup up in the middle of the inning.

They won’t put him on the Jumbotron because the ball is still in play lmfao einnovativejunction.com Josh Billinson jbillinson June 9, Keg stands in Georgetown! So the Cup made it out to Georgetown via tonyandjoes einnovativejunction.com einnovativejunction.com Alex Prewitt alexprewitt June 9, Going for a stroll. Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin Russian, IPA [lksandr vetkn] born 17 September, often referred to as "Ovi", "the Great Eight" and "Alexander the Great", is a Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League NHL.

Prior to entering the league, Ovechkin played for Dynamo Moscow of the Russian Superleague for four seasons, from until, and returned to play for them briefly during the.

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Alex Ovechkin is upside down, drinking beer out of the Stanley Cup. A pair of Washington Capitals teammates hold him in the air, like frat boys at a keg stand. When at last they set him back to earth, Ovechkin appears bleary-eyed and rip-roaring drunk.

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The crowd cheers and Ovechkin holds a hand to his ear, a pantomime that seems to implore, Louder, please. And Washington fandom’s bemused reaction to all this seems to say, Drunker, please." The Caps will have a victory parade on Constitution Avenue on Tuesday and it seems fair to wonder if they’ll still be glazed. Alex Ovechkin is just holding the Stanley Cup up in the middle of the inning.

They won’t put him on the Jumbotron because the ball is still in play lmfao einnovativejunction.com Josh Billinson jbillinson June 9, After their excursion to the ballpark, it was time for Ovechkin, Stanley and the rest of the crew to hit up the City of Washington for a couple keg stands, a few rooftop parties, and even a quick swim in a public fountain, for good measure. Oh my god Alex Ovechkin was doing keg stands out of the Stanley Cup in the middle of Georgetown after throwing out the first pitch at a Nationals game and then ended up swimming half-naked in a fountain and I never thought i’d say this but this was all worth the year wait. When Ovechkin first held the Stanley Cup, he let out a primal scream that might still be echoing through the arena, as if he was casting out every last vestige of heartbreak in one blissful bellow.

"I think there were a lot of series where maybe Washington got eliminated but he had great series. He probably took the brunt of the criticism just because he's the captain and the highest-paid guy," defenseman Brooks Orpik said. Famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin brought the major trophy of the National Hockey League the Stanley Cup to the capital of the Russian Federation, RT informs.

The Washington Capitals’ captain who won the trophy this season came out to the stage of the fan-zone of the FIFA World Cup at Vorobyovy Gory holding the Cup at his hand. Thousands of fans gave him long-lasting applauses. There was a long line of people for hundreds of kilometeres to take a signature of the forward player.

Earlier the hockey star brought the Cup to Moscow’s hockey club Dynamo where he began to play hockey.

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Capitals team captain Alexander Ovechkin, who is often referred to as "the Great Eight" or "Ovi," has been spotted all over Washington since the big hockey win, celebrating with his beloved trophy and his besotted fans. Adam Tuss AdamTuss June 12, The festivities went to a whole new level Tuesday as fans paraded through the streets of the nation's capital.

Ovi!" they cheered as the Capitals, known simply as the "Caps" by fans, moved down Constitution Avenue on a bright red bus Tuesday afternoon. Alex Ovechkin goes berserk as Capitals party with Stanley Cup. Tens of thousands of fans decked out in red lined the parade route along Constitution Avenue to celebrate the city's first major sports championship in 26 years. You've never seen a commemorative T-shirt quite like this.

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Alex Ovechkin and friends are held a massive, beer-soaked celebration in the streets of Washington, D., attracting tens of thousands of Capitals fans.

The Caps Look the Same, but Everything is Different. Ovechkin has willingly shared evidence of the tracks he and the Cup have made in recent weeks, including diving in a fountain, doing a keg stand, in a bed with Mrs. Ovechkin, at a Washington Nationals game and with fans before and after the National Mall victory parade. In his NHL season, Ovechkin is one of Russia’s most popular professional athletes. Fans take the streets in Capitals’ gear in support of Ovechkin year-round.

Ovechkin said after attending last week’s World Cup win over Spain that he would gladly meet any fan that wants a picture of the Stanley Cup this week. Alex Ovechkin's summer with the Stanley Cup has sadly come to an end. After bringing the chalice back to his hometown of Moscow for a few final days of partying, the Washington Capitals captain had some parting words before officially passing it off to teammate Michal Kempny. Watch Ovechkin finally relinquishes hold of Stanley Cup.

Ovechkin passes Lemieux, ties Yzerman for on all-time goals list.

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A barrage of punches from Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin could have an impact on the Stanley Cup champions’ playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes. Ovechkin floored Carolina rookie Andrei Svechnikov with a right hook during the first period of Monday night’s loss to the Hurricanes in Game 3 of their first-round series. This was a rare fight for Ovechkin, one that knocked the year-old Svechnikov from the game when he banged his helmet on the ice as he fell backward and ended up in concussion protocol.

Ovechkin with a pound weight advantage locked a firm hold on Svechnikov’s collar while throwing a steady bombardment of punches. He eventually landed one squarely in the centre of Svechnikov’s face. Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals will get a chance to celebrate their Stanley Cup championship with President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday.

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Queen the show must go on vegas golden knights washington capitals stanley cup alexander ovechkin hockey nhl canada sports. Such an amazing feeling watching them win tonight.

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It's my birthday, and seeing them win it is more than I could have ever asked for. Congrats, ovenchicken, and the amazing team that brought it home. Last time, Ovechkin was the captain of Team Russia at the World Cup.

The World Cup of Hockey will be held in Toronto, Canada, on September October 1. In the preliminary round in the Group B, Russia’s team will face Finland, Sweden and North America, consisting of players from Canada and the United States not older than 23 years. Alexander Ovechkin aleksandrovechkinofficial Instagram It’s been 13 einnovativejunction.com now me and my boys are Stanley Cup champions.

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A Russian captain of a team in Washington DC raises the Cup in Las Vegas after a real game there.

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If you came out of a 30 year coma last night, that info might knock you back into one.

KingsFan, Jun 8, Where's that idiot blogger Malamud, who was chirping Ovy for his ties to Putin? Click to expand He can't be left alone for a month or so I guess. Alex Ovechkin holding up the Stanley Cup in the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup parade in Washington DC as they turn from Constitution Avenue onto Street to head to the rally on the National Mall.

Alexander Ovechkin lifting the Stanley Cup but with Emotional Filipino Music. A photo of Alex Ovechkin holding the Stanley Cup caught our attention. We talked to Dan about all the work that goes into making this work of art. Alexander Ovechkin or Ovechkin is an ice hockey player.

He is a Russian and played the captain of the Washington Capitals. Overchkin joined the National Hockey League when the Washington Capitals were not able to make it during the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. Source What is the answer to 4 pics 1 word extra, level 11, word 25, famous people. The pics are the capitol, a sheep, hockey puck, and a stanley cup win.

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Alexander Ovechkin Alexander Mikhailovich "Alex" Ovechkin is a Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League.

Take him off the list, because Ovechkin won the Cup in Thank You! Now Ovechkin Won the Stanley Cup. The date he won the Cup was on June 7, Ovechkin won the Cup. Easily the best player to never win a cup. Sure, he's still got time - but 11 years is a career for many on this list. Shop Alexander Ovechkin Stanley Cup MVP gear to commemorate his success or snag an Ovechkin jersey from our selection of authentic jerseys.

Alexander Ovechkin t-shirts and hoodies are available for a more casual look to show your support. Don't forget about official Alexander Ovechkin collectibles and memorabilia to add to your NHL collection at home, the office or wherever you show off your team pride!

Check back for new additions to our Alexander Ovechkin gear and apparel to celebrate one the best players in the NHL.

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The current Stanley Cup winner and three-time league MVP will be available with the upcoming update, scheduled to be released later this month.

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The Capitals’ captain is part of a new marketing campaign named Earn Your Greatness that features a cinematic trailer of Ovi in action.

The trailer was filmed in Palm Beach, Florida while Ovi and his wife were awaiting the birth of their son. Watch the video and find out what professional sportsmen and passionate online gamers have in common.

It kept setting off the smoke detector. In the end, we just covered it up with a cup, laughs Ovechkin. I wanted people to understand that in any competitive field, you must inspire players to never give up. Video games are just like sportplay more, train more. Find Alex Ovechkin stats, teams, height, weight, Position Left wing. Additional Pages for this Player.

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Alexander Ovechkin’s Capitals have never managed to make it past the second round of the NHL playoffs. Sidney Crosby is largely to blame. And each time, Crosby’s Penguins have gone on to lift the Stanley Cup including both of the last two years. Another second-round series between the two teams kicked off on Thursday night, and if the result of that game is any indication, the Capitals might be looking at more of the same.

Despite scoring just 17 seconds into the first period, holding that lead for more than two periods, and then taking a lead 28 seconds into the third period on a snipe from you guessed it Ovechkin, the Capitals managed to, somehow, lose to the Penguins.

It feels like dj vu all over again for the.

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einnovativejunction.com hockey player profile of Alexander Ovechkin, Moskva, RUS Russia. Most recently in the NHL with Washington Capitals. Complete player biography and stats. Go Premium to Update Profile Photo.

Upload the photo, let us review it and we will upload it within 48 hours, assuming you confirm you have the photographer's permisson to have it uploaded at einnovativejunction.com Sign up for premium.

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When you see Alex Ovechkin run around and hit everything in a Leafs uniform you see a skill player like him and you think he’s going to do a certain thing, then he’s freight-training people, Marner said as the Leafs staged their first of three practices before the Boston series. So, what does that mean for the winger who joined fellow young guns Auston Matthews and William Nylander in reaching the point plateau for a second consecutive season, marking the only time in Leafs history that three players reached that plateau in their first two years in the NHL.

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Alex Ovechkin spoke with Scott Oake about the long road to winning the Stanley Cup and then gave a shout out to his Washington Capitals fans- to start celebrating along with the team. Alex Ovechkin's Stanley Cup Championship Parade Speech. Alex Ovechkin speaks to the Washington Capitals fans from the Championship Parade.

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Ovechkin helped lead a rejuvenated Capitals team back to the Stanley Cup playoffs with a stronger supporting cast that included countryman Alexander Semin, rookie center Nicklas Bckstrm and defenseman Mike Green. During the 16 season, Ovechkin, for the first time in his career, did not lead the Washington Capitals in points, although he still led the team in goals with 50, and finished second on the team in points with 71, behind fellow countryman Evgeny Kuznetsov, who finished with In the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Washington.

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Alex Ovechkin, Russian professional ice hockey player who was one of the greatest goal-scorers in National Hockey League history. He won the Hart Memorial Trophy three times, and as the NHL’s most valuable player. Learn more about Ovechkin’s life and career in this article.

Ovechkin’s impressive athletic lineage was evident early in his life, as he played at the highest level of Russian professional hockey at age 16 and was the standout forward for the national junior hockey team by age Ovechkin was selected by the Washington Capitals with the first overall pick of the NHL draft, but his rookie season was delayed a year by the labour lockout that led to the cancellation of the 05 NHL season.

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Watch the full shootout between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals which ends in some controversy with Alex Ovechkin as the final shooter.

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Alex Ovechkin, the face of the Capitals franchise who for years bore the brunt of the blame for his team’s shortcomings, became the first Russian-born captain to hoist the Stanley Cup and was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player in the play-offs.

His message to fans was a simple one. Get some beers, get some whatever and start celebrating, said Ovechkin, who until this year had never been beyond the midway mark of the playoffs.

Washington talisman Ovechkin named playoffs MVP.

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Alexander Mikhailovich Alex Ovechkin lksandr vetkn born 17 September is a Russian professional ice hockey.

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In fact, if the league is lucky, the Washington Capitals forward and once-in-a-generation talent forward will be holding up the Cup this June. Don't get me wrong Ovechkin's current foes from Pittsburgh, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, are also solid enough human beings who are pretty good at hockey. Indeed, Ovechkin and Crosbyit's always written with Sid's name first, so I apologize for the disorienting shift in narrativehave been the consensus best players on the planet since each was selected with the first pick of the NHL.

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EIHL Challenge Cup finalists confirmed. The second leg of the Semi-Finals confirmed the finalists as the Sheffield Steelers took on Glasgow Clan and Nottingham Panthers faced off against Cardiff Devils.

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Alex Ovechkin is bringing the Stanley Cup to the World Cup, continuing his summer-long victory tour. Source USATODAY Soccer Top Stories.

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Ovechkin has become a somewhat paradoxical figure the reason for the Capitals’ success and the reason for their playoff failures. Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals against the Vegas Golden Knights. He had one assist in a einnovativejunction.com Harry HowGetty Images.

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Alex Ovechkin emerged from the dressing room for warmups, second in line behind the goaltender, just like at any other home game. While lacking in fanfare, that pregame twirl around the ice was Ovechkin’s introduction as captain, a C stitched onto his jersey for a first time as the Washington Capitals’ face and best player and also their official leader.

If the Capitals, holding a three-games-to-one series lead in this best-of-seven Stanley Cup final against the Vegas Golden Knights, are ultimately victorious, Ovechkin would be the first to hoist the trophy and the one to bring the Stanley Cup to Washington, a place he’s called his second home.

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This is the culmination of years’ worth of frustration, of being told that he isn’t one of the best players ever, just because his team hadn’t been able to take home the Cup. And now, while they figuratively can’t take it away from him, I’m a little worried that they’ll literally be unable to take it away from him.

This is the culmination of years’ worth of frustration, of being told that he isn’t one of the best players ever, just because his team hadn’t been able to take home the Cup. And now, while they figuratively can’t take it away from him, I’m a little worried that they’ll literally be unable to take it away from him.

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Alexander Ovechkin "Ovechkin" redirects here. For the Russian road bicycle racer, see Artem Ovechkin. Alexander Ovechkin Born September 17, age 26 Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union Height 6 ft 3 in m Weight.

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Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin is regarded as one of the greatest ice-hockey players in the world. Check out this biography to know more about his childhood, family, career, etc. Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin is regarded as one of the greatest ice-hockey players in the world.

Check out this biography to know more about his childhood, family, career, etc.

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Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin Sr. Russian, IPA [lksandr vetkn] born September 17, often referred to as "Ovi" or "the Great Eight", is a Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League NHL. Prior to entering the league, Ovechkin played for Dynamo Moscow of the Russian Superleague for four seasons, from until, and returned to play for them briefly during the 13 NHL lockout.

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Alexander ovechkin Stanley Cup Washington Capitals stanley cup finals Hockey Drunks. Last time we checked in on Alexander Ovechkin he was compulsively hoisting the Stanley Cup in various spots around Nationals Park after throwing out a pair of ceremonial first pitches. That is an extremely hammered Ovechkin doing a keg stand out of the Stanley Cup at a restaurant down on the Georgetown waterfront.

And here we have several extremely hammered Capitals, including a shirtless Ovechkin, frolicking in a decorative fountain This turned quickly into an impromptu community dance party, in a decorative fountain, as happens.

Soon the damp, drunken Cup Hoister turned up at nearby Cafe Milano, where first of all he hoisted the damn cup.

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Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Ovechkin GIFs.